How Sculptra Works

Stimulates your own collagen for a natural look lasting up to 5 years!

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The evolution of the wrinkle filler has led to an amazingly effective product called Sculptra. But Sculptra is not a wrinkle filler, it’s a volumizer. It replaces the natural volume (fat) loss that occurs as we age – the volume loss that is responsible for the appearance of age.

This is a very important concept and one that explains why a facelift may be the wrong thing to do or only part of what to do if you want to look younger! A young face has fullness and roundness in the cheeks, under the eyes, in the lips and around the mouth. This fullness causes light to reflect with very little shadow. The human eye is drawn to reflected light.

Volume restoration in the facial region is the single most important procedure to add a more youthful look after the age of 40 for most people. Sculptra provides volume and stimulates one’s own body to build their own collagen around the tiny temporary microspheres called PLLA. Results last from 2-5 years making this product very cost effective and value oriented. If you have previously used temporary dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse then you know they are absorbed by the body more rapidly and require frequent repeat injections to maintain correction.

Why Sculptra?

* A “lunchtime” in-office procedure
* Visible results that gradually take effect over months
* Almost no down time using the revolutoinary MicroCannula technique
* Excellent safety profile
* Results last up to 5 years.
* Usually requires only 2 – 3 treatments

Why Dr Rajani?

*An experienced injector of these new longer duration products
*His goal is a natural Aesthetic “look” over time with a Conservative approach
*A trainer for Liquid Facelifts and MicroCannula injections
*Personalized full facial consult with 3D Imaging
*An Aesthetic Artisitc Eye to ensure your “natural look”
*He has performed thousands of liquid facelift procedures since 2003

Dr. Rajani Shares Sculptra Patient Testimonial